Moto X Cyber Monday deal on hold as MotoMaker website goes down

One of the most interesting Cyber Monday deals out there was the $349 off-contract Moto X offer announced by Motorola a few days ago, but interested customers were not able to complete their purchases as the company’s MotoMaker website caved under traffic pressure...

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Motorola teases low-cost Moto G unveiling for November 13

Here comes the Moto G. After Motorola’s website team spilled the beans on the low-cost device last week, the company is now officially teasing the Moto G for a November 13 debut.

For now, the teaser page doesn’t reveal much aside the aforementioned date, but the tiny planet theme and the fact that the November 13 date is displayed in multiple languages suggest that the Moto G will enjoy an international release, just like rumors predicted. Users can sign up for an online live announcement, so some kind of livestream launch event is possible...

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Motorola’s dual screen, “gaze detecting” smartwatch patent

Lately, the smartwatch is all the rage. Not so much with consumers, but at Android Authority, where we’ve been beset on all sides by news of wearable technology. The latest comes from Motorola, who filed a “wearable display device” with the USPTO (US Patent and Trade office) back in February. While the big story is Motorola’s “gaze detection” technology, and creepy patent pictures showcasing it, the filing has a lot more to it...

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Minting a Moto X is fun, but not yet magical

Don't expect to be blown away by Moto Maker, the fresh online tool for creating unique Moto X phones with built-to-order designs. While its personal customization skills are a very cool differentiator and definitely help the handset stand out in a sea of smartphones, Moto Maker's tweaking options are somewhat limited...

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Motorola makes Platinum Droid RAZR M officially official

We saw a new color of the Motorola Droid RAZR M pop up for sale on best Buy's website last week, and now Motorola is confirming its existence. The device is the same internally as the original colors of the RAZR M, but externally it's got a shiny new coat of platinum (c'mon, it's silver) paint. The front is still black, but the sides and buttons have been changed.

You can pick up the new color of the Droid RAZR M for $49.99 with a 2-year Verizon contract, and it seems to be a Best Buy exclusive at least for now. Motorola says that "quantities are limited," so check the source links if you're interested in picking one of these up.

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Motorola's Razr i arrives in the UK at Phones4U

Motorola's Razr i has landed on British shores, and is available today from Phones4U. The handset, the first born of a union 'twixt Moto and Intel, skates pretty close to the competition in the performance stakes and promises vastly improved power efficiency. The handset is free to anyone grabbing a plan costing £21.50 or more, while the first 500 to snap up the phone will also get a complimentary pair of MOTOROKR headphones, too.

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Motorola pokes fun at iOS 6 Maps, wants to prevent people becoming #iLost

By now, the vast majority of Android users -- no, make that people in the world -- have heard about Apple's new replacement for Google Maps in iOS 6. Proudly announced during their iOS 6 keynote, replacing Google Maps was another step away from using Google services for the Cupertino giant. Since the launch, much has been said about the maps, and their apparent lack of some key information within the maps themselves. 

We'll admit it. It makes us chuckle. As we sit here using our native Google Maps, more and more we see comments arising from iPhone owners, both new and old, slating iOS6 Maps. And now, Google owned Motorola is joining in on the fun. 

Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.

Seen on the Motorola Mobility Google+ page, and on their Twitter page, the message is clear. While an obvious advertisement for their latest handset -- and perhaps the RAZR M's edge to edge screen, compared to the 'stretched' iPhone 5 -- rather than Google Maps itself, we wonder how long before the #iLost tag will catch on. Probably until Google releases a third-party Google Maps application into the iOS App Store, but until then, we can but chuckle away.

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Motorola announces Intel-powered RAZR i, launches in Europe next month

Motorola's revealed the first smartphone to be borne from its team-up with Intel. Here in London, UK, it's a familiar-looking Android smartphone with an important internal difference. The RAZR i will be running on one of Intel's latest mobile chips (2GHz processor), differentiating it from what we saw from the Google-owned phone-maker a few weeks earlier. Motorola's calling the phone its biggest launch in the UK since the original RAZR.

Motorola's touting the (almost "edge-to-edge") 4.3-inch AMOLED display, 2,000mAh of battery and the same Kevlar coating -- it's water repellent this time. But this event is also about Intel's 2GHz processor inside. The chipmaker says it's optimized the architecture for web browsing, especially for Java-based activities. It's also pushing for power consumption even on processor-intensive activities like gaming -- but we'll have to wait for our own tests to check it out.

The RAZR i also packs a similar 8-megapixel camera and interface to those other new Motorola phones, with under a second start-up to get the camera app running -- we bet that dedicated camera button helps there. Intel made similar promises with the Orange San Diego, but were already intrigued by that Vanilla-looking interface.

NFC is already baked in, with Android Beam taking control of what you need, while its bootloader arrives unlocked. The RAZR i appears to be packing some iteration of Android 4 -- but we're still checking on whether it'll be coming with ICS or the newer Jelly Bean. The phone will arrive in the likes of UK, France, Germany and Brazil -- but no news on whether it'll appear inside North America's borders.

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Motorola to cut its workforce by 20 percent, shutter a third of its offices worldwide

When Google acquired Motorola Mobility, Larry Page said the move would help "supercharge the Android ecosystem," but first, the firm needs to reorganize. That seems to be starting -- the company just announced that it will be closing a third of its 94 offices and laying off 20 percent of its workforce, including 40 percent of its vice presidents. The move will scale back its presence in Asia and India, says the New York Times, and will center its operations in Chicago, Sunnyvale and Beijing. The new, smaller Motorola will be working on less devices too, focusing on releasing a few high quality handsets each year as opposed to several dozen. Less phones means less parts, of course, and the firm says it will be dropping some suppliers and will be buying half as many components as a result. We're all for the new Moto's less-is-more approach and the potential it has to breed a new Nexus device, but Google's already made it clear that it isn't playing favorites with OEMs. Either way, it's a start.

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