Spotify - Transforming the way we listen to music on the move

Nowadays, we can live our life to a constant soundtrack as music is easier than ever to listen to on the go. Most people now have smartphones with access to the internet and downloadable apps, so will have a huge library of music at their fingertips. As well as fm and digital radio being a feature of many phones, Spotify is also available to make choosing and listening to music easy. Spotify began as a service accessible through your computer and in 2009 became available to mobile phone users too.

Don’t miss out on this revolution in mobile music, and upgrade your phone to a Spotify-compatible version. The app is free to download and you can also save money when purchasing your new smartphone. Rather than chucking your old model, why not sell it online and put the money raised towards a newer, better version. It’s simple to sell blackberry curve and a whole range of other mobiles using specialist websites. You can pop in the name and model of your phone and receive a quote, so you know how much you can expect from your sale. Then post your blackberry or other mobile device and receive a cheque in the post or direct to your account.

The launch of Spotify for mobile phones in 2009 heralded a new era of music on the go. At the time the app gave users access to around 4 million tracks, making it easy to search and pick music to suit your mood wherever internet access was available. Even when not in an internet hotspot, the launch meant that music was still accessible, as Spotify allowed users to save more than 3,000 tracks on their mobile to play offline.

You can personalise Spotify on your mobile phone by creating a playlist. Simply type in the name of the track you want and add this to your playlist – perhaps you could group tunes by band, year, genre or for a certain occasion so however you’re feeling and wherever you are, you’ll have a musical accompaniment! You can even share your playlist with your friends, by uploading it onto your Spotify public profile, or through Facebook.

If you’re looking to save money and aren’t sure about whether to pay Spotify’s subscription free, you can try out the service on your mobile with the Premium free trial. One of the service’s top features is its enhanced sound quality. Not only can you enjoy your music through headphones, but the great sound quality means you can switch your mobile to speaker and share your favourite tunes with your friends too. This version is free of ads, allows unlimited music and even lets you take tracks abroad with you.

If listening to music whilst you’re out and about sounds appealing, but you’re not sure which genres or bands to choose, why not use online radio through your mobile instead? Apps like BBC iPlayer give access to a number of digital radio stations, and also feature ‘listen again’ options providing further choice if there’s nothing live you fancy hearing. Or, for a personalised service, Spotify Radio will learn what you like and select appropriate tracks. Whilst listening to songs through the Spotify app you can rate them with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, which is logged by Spotify and used to choose songs you’ll like.

Listening to music whilst out and about – and even when travelling abroad – is quick, easy and affordable. Just make sure you have a top mobile phone to allow for these great services!