Sony RX10 ii Unboxing Reveals new 4K Powerhouse

The Sony RX10 Mark 2 just hit the Geekanoids studio and thanks to Park Cameras we have one of the first unboxing videos on YouTube. Check out the video below to see what you get inside the box and for a look around this powerful piece of kit.

I really want to make sure that you do not overlook this camera. Many advise the purchase on a DSLR or Interchangeable Lens Camera, only to find that you just use one lens, more often than not, the kit lens. What you get with the Sony RX10ii is a bridge camera, with a fixed lens. However, this is an impressive piece of glass and has a constant f2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range. Sony also included a stacked image sensor on this second gen RX10. This equates to DRAM being stacked on the sensor, resulting is a 5x faster readout than conventional models. 

OK, enough of the tech talk. This new beast of a camera delivers 4K internal video recording, a gorgeous lens, microphone input and headphone monitoring output too. Everything you need to capture extremely high quality video. The lens resolves a lot of detail too, so your videos have the potential to exceed the quality of a DSLR with a larger sensor costing twice the price. Add to this high speed frame rate capture (so you can do those crazy slo-mo videos), plus a decent 20-megapixel camera and it is a very compelling proposition. Stay locked to The Geekanoids Channel for indoor & outdoor 4K video tests soon.

Why Wouldn't You Share Your Own Videos?

Technology changes very quickly and I remember back to when I published that first video on my YouTube channel recorded with my 4 megapixel Canon PowerShot camera. The video quality in comparison to what is possible nowadays was very poor, but the content was more than acceptable. 

My first YouTube camera … the Canon PowerShot A80

My first YouTube camera … the Canon PowerShot A80

That was over eight years ago and the advancements in technology, during such a short time, is simply quite amazing. I experienced compact cameras that gave us 720P video, soon followed by the same small photo snappers delivering 1080P video. Conventional camcorders giving up the ability to not only record in full HD, but also in 3D. Tiny little action cameras, that one could mount to a car, surf board, your body or even your pet dog. If we fast forward to the current day, all of these wonders of technology can now dazzle our visual senses with even more detail in 4K resolution. 

Throughout my journey of creating visual content to share online, I have helped many others with questions and product recommendations. One of the most common questions, or for want of a better term, "excuses" is that many people want to create videos, but use their lack of "expensive" camera as an excuse.
Emails I receive are often like this (what follows is part of an actual email I received)… "Hello Dave, I really want to start my YouTube Channel but need an amazing camera and microphone setup. Can you suggest something around the £1,000 to £1,500 mark. Once I have saved enough money I can then start producing videos like you". 
The perceived need for the so-called "best camera" could not be further from the truth. Look at how I started … with just the family point & shoot compact camera. Also, consider how smartphone technology has also evolved, with many capturing awesome 1080P and some even managing to deliver a crisp 4K experience too. So why wouldn't you share your own videos. Now is the time to use the technology you already have in your pocket or bag and share your story. We can no longer make the excuse that we do not have a great camera, 

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Written in collaboration with Intellicig.

CES 2013: Panasonic HC-X920 Hands on

Panasonic's new flagship consumer camcorder for 2013 looks very much like Panasonic flagship consumer camcorder for 2012. Don't be fooled by its appearance though as the Panasonic HC-X920 has three major upgrades over last year's Panasonic HC-X900.
First and foremost are the upgrades to the 3MOS sensor array. This now uses BSI (backside illuminated) sensors with superior low-light performance. The raw resolution of the sensors has also increased from 6.57 megapixels in total to 8.49 megapixels. We were shown some examples of footage shot with the camcorder, and it looked more composed with less glare at 100 lux (bright conditions) and had far less noise at 10 lux (low light) - that's compared to last years model. Of course we'll have to see what Sony has up its sleeve for 2013 before making any final conclusions though.

The lens looks to be identical to last year's at first glance, but it has a new nano surface coasting apparently, but we're not clear on what benefits this provides.

Another major upgrade to this year's model is Wi-Fi support. This allows for real-time broadcast of events via the popular Ustream service. It can even send email out to preregistered addresses to inform them the live broadcast is beginning. Great for sharing event footage with family and friends in distant locations. A smartphone app is also available for Android and iOS, which lets you see the footage from the camcorder and control the zoom and other functions.

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GoPro app reaches Android, captures reckless Nexus adventures

GoPro left its Android-using audience hanging (from a paraglider) when it posted an iOS app for remote controlling its cameras, but the group won't have been in suspense for long. The action video camera maker has posted a Google-native version that covers roughly the same feature spread as its Apple-oriented counterpart, including remote control, video previewing and daily highlight clips. Any aspiring movie makers will have to fit a narrow set of criteria to start shooting, however -- on top of an HD Hero 2and a WiFi BacPac, Android 4.0 is a minimum requirement to start shooting without hiccups. Hero 3 support won't be coming until later this month. Despite the limitations, it's nice to know that we won't need an elaborate Google Glass setup to record our next skydive in a Mountain View-approved fashion.

[Source: Engadget]

10 Amazing Pet Gadgets that will Blow you Away

Here is a list of the top 10 gadgets for pet owners.
1. Global pet monitor
This device is a small collar-mounted piece of technology that utilises GPS software that not only keeps track of your pet’s whereabouts from your mobile phone, but also helps to deliver information such as health monitoring, activity level and external temperature.
2. Cat DJ scratching deck
Yes, you read correctly. This hilarious cat ‘scratching pad’ designed by Suck UK is a novelty item DJ turntable deck that comes with a carpet textured record that spins as your cat paws at it – ingenious.
3. Frobo pet bowl
Another great gadget, this bowl is specially designed to give your pet access to chilled water for up to eight hours. This product is great for long car journeys or if you’re used to preparing ice cubes to melt in your dog’s water bowl whilst you’re at work.
4. Electronic Nail file
Few dogs enjoy their nails being trimmed. This gadget is a lightweight, hand-held battery operated nail file for pets with long claws. It works by removing the thinner layers of your pet’s nails to leave a smooth and nicely finished result. Be careful with Frodo’s nails or you may need to consider some cheap RSPCA pet insurance as well.
5. Pawz dog boots
Reusable, waterproof and disposable, this range of dog boots are every dog owner’s must have item. Think of all the times you’ve walked your dog after it’s rained and the mud gets right into your dog’s paws and pads? These dog boots are your answer.
6. Video camera for pets
It’s a simple small camera device that attaches to your dog or cat’s neck so that as they wander around the house while you’re at work, you’re able to log online and see what they’re up to (or what they’re seeing).
7. Frolicat Bolt
This amusing gadget is an interactive toy for your cat or small dog. It’s a small tower device that shines a laser that moves randomly in many different directions, so that your cat or dog can chase it for hours and exercise while it plays.
8. A dog treadmill
Treadmills are proving very popular in the world of dog exercise. Think of all the time you’ll save being able to exercise your dog at home (but you’d better join a gym yourself to compensate). A treadmill will be easier on your dog’s joints instead of the hard tread of the streets.  It’s a known fact that well exercised dogs have less behaviour problems.
9. Glofish
Glofish are a novelty themselves. Bred originally to help scientists detect environmental pollutants, these little fish are fluorescent and retain their glow all times of the day. Imagine how cool they’d look in a tank with a black backdrop?
10. A laminating dog leash
While retractable dog leashes are great for allowing your dog a controlled amount of freedom to roam as they’re walked, imagine a retractable lead with a built-in torch for those long walks at night? At least you can see where Rover’s wandered off to.
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