When Technology and Fashion Collide

Both fashion and technology are linked in that they rely on ingenuity and innovation. As long-term trends emerge in fashion, many of them rely on advances in technology, both in terms of the customer’s taste and the elements of the pieces themselves. Let’s take a closer look at how fashion and technology intertwine.

Designer iPhone Cases

Because innovations in technology are expensive to fund, having the latest gadget has always been associated with status and wealth. This trend is also apparent in fashion, and many people choose to display their wealth in the form of clothing. But items like smartphones, though expensive, are becoming more and more widespread and are losing their association with extreme wealth. If everybody has a fancy smartphone, then these items lose their ability to stand alone as a fashion item.

Therefore, designers swooped in with pricey iPhone cases to raise the bar even further, as if to help buyers proclaim that not only can they afford an expensive phone, but they can also afford to cover it with an equally pricey case. In fact, Mischa Barton just released her newest iPhone case that carries a retail value of 302,985 USD! That would certainly be a way to express your individuality on the back of your ubiquitous iPhone.

Solar-Power Bikinis

With the growing interest in harnessing the sun for energy, some well-known designers are experimenting with using fabric that contains solar cells. For example, Andrew Schneider has designed a bikini that comes with a plug that you can use to plug in your phone while you work on your tan. That way, you can turn your day at the beach into a way to charge your devices in a pinch.

An Environmentally Responsive Fabric

Designers are also utilizing the public’s growing interest in climate change and environmental impact. One interesting example is the climate dress by Diffus, which consists of many tiny lights and serves to measure air quality. If sensors in the dress detect elevated levels of pollution in the air, the lights respond by lighting up, thereby warning others of toxins in the air. This piece would certainly make a bold statement on the Red Carpet if the wearer wished to raise awareness about environmental degradation.

Recycled Materials

With advances in recycling coupled with concerns about the sustainability of producing new materials, it’s now possible to find the latest fashions made of recycled materials. SegraSegra, for example, uses recycled bicycle tire tubes to make pleather jackets. Other designers are experimenting with creating eveningwear out of recycled materials. Imagine being able to shop for cocktail dresses, suits and fashionable gilets made out of things we used to throw away, and have them be seen as haute couture.

These are just a few of the remarkable advances that have occurred due to the collision of fashion and technology. It will certainly be interesting to see other developments in these two fields.