iOS 6.1 Evasi0n Jailbreak Now Installed on More Than 14M Devices

The iOS 6.1 evasi0n jailbreak that was launched exactly a month ago is already installed on more than 14 million devices, a member of the team that created the tool said recently. The jailbreak works on the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone and works on both iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 devices, so not every one of the 14 million devices is an iPhone, but it’s stunning just how quickly iOS users wanted to use the tool.

Jailbreaking serves a number of purposes, but one of the most sought after experiences is the Cydia app store that has thousands of unique applications that aren’t available from iTunes. You can install apps that make it easier to control your settings panel with an easy swipe, for example, and other tools provide more control over the look and feel of iOS than Apple offers.

Jailbreaking also makes it possible to install cracked versions without paying for them. Perhaps this is a sign that Apple needs to provide more control over iOS devices from the get-go, however. Clearly the people have spoken.

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Microsoft Offers Workarounds for iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug

iOS 6.1, which was released two weeks ago, brought with it a handful of serious bugs. The first bug, which affected 3G performance on the iPhone 4S was fixed yesterday, followingApple's release of 6.1.1 for the iPhone 4S. 

The second bug involved an error that caused iOS devices running 6.1 to continuously loop when synchronizing a recurring calendar meeting invitation on Microsoft Exchange. This error, which causes excessive memory consumption, was not fixed with yesterday's 6.1.1 update. 

As noted by 9to5Mac Microsoft has published an official support document offering workarounds for the error. 

Microsoft offers up several fixes, including the recommendation not to process Calendar items like meeting requests on iOS 6.1 devices. The company also recommends immediately restarting the devices and renewing the device partnership to halt the continuous looping access. 

Devices using iOS 6.1 should be blocked or throttled, says Microsoft, in order to reduce the effect on server resources. 

While none of these options are true fixes, Microsoft mentions that it is working with Apple to investigate the issue and suggests customers open an Enterprise Support case with Apple, via Enterprise agreement or a pay-per-incident case report.

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Vodafone UK advising iPhone 4S owners against iOS 6.1 update

If you're a Vodafone customer in the UK and own an iPhone 4S, you've probably received an SMS message from the carrier cautioning you against updating your device to iOS 6.1. If you somehow missed the alert, consider this your heads up.

Vodafone issued the SMS, which advises customers to "hold off for the next version while Apple fixes 3G performance issues," amidst reports of call dropouts and other network-related problems by iPhone 4S owners who've already updated. The wording of the alert suggests that Vodafone expects Apple to address the issues in iOS 6.1.1, the first beta of which just went out to developers this week.

If you've already updated to 6.1, well, hopefully we'll get word of when you can expect 6.1.1. to hit soon.

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iOS 6.1 Beta 5 now available for download

Numbuh. Five. Is. Alive.

(Yes, people, Short Circuit.)

iOS 6.1 Beta 5 is up and ready for download, just days before Beta 4 is due to expire.

Go grab your copy at the Apple developer site and, as usual, make sure to read the yellow release notes with the exclamation point.

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Apple to bring movie ticket purchasing to Siri with upcoming iOS 6.1 update

Apple’s upcoming release of iOS 6.1 will include a new feature for Siri: the ability to get movie tickets. The feature, according to developers who are beta testing the new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system, works via Fandango. To purchase movie tickets, a user simply needs to ask their iOS device to buy tickets for a certain movie.

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iOS 6.1, Xcode 4.6 betas arrive in Dev Center

In addition to rolling out iOS 6.0.1today, Apple has released a beta build of iOS 6.1 to developers. The update supports legacy devices dating back to the iPhone 3GS and newer products including the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad. A build is not yet available for the iPad mini.

Apple has also introduced a developer preview of Xcode 4.6 to coincide with the iOS 6.1 beta. No major new features have been detailed by Apple in the 6.1 beta changelog, but interested developers can do some digging for themselves by downloading the firmware and Xcode 4.6 from the iOS dev center.

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