O2 and Vodafone confirmed to sell iPhone 5S and 5C in UK

The Apple iPhone 5C and 5S are finally upon us, bringing colourful plastic casings and a new gold hue, respectively, to the iPhone range. O2, Vodafone and Three have all confirmed that they will have the new phone. It'll be arriving in the UK on 20 September.

At the time of writing, no networks were able to say exactly how much cash you'll need to splash to put either new phone in your pocket. None of the other networks were able to say whether they definitely will have either phone, although it's safe to assume they all will...

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Getting the Right Smartphone for Your Business

Smartphones have become the most common types of mobile phones owned by consumers around the world. These devices also have become the most common phone used by those in the business world. With numerous applications for their use, smartphones can allow business professionals to conduct a myriad of business activities anywhere. All smartphones are not created equal. Many have similar aspects but there are also many differences that set some parts from others. Having the right smartphone makes a tremendous difference in what a business professional can do. Therefore, when choosing a smartphone to use for business some things must be considered.

Smartphones can perform many business tasks due to the applications created for the operating system. The number or apps can vary depending upon the operating system the phone uses. For instance, iPhones and Android devices have the most apps available for their use. Some apps can help with managing customer relations. Others can help perform billing and credit card processing. Another helpful app permits the synchronization of data between one’s smartphone and personal computer. If you want a smartphone to do many tasks, then you may consider an iPhone or Android smartphone.

When conducting business, many people must travel overseas or to other countries. If you do not select the correct smartphone, you may find your phone inoperable when abroad. A GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications phone may be the better option than choosing a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phone. Generally, GSM is accepted in more places around the world. Also, along with business travel, make sure the carrier you select has 24 hour customer service. When traveling, you will be in different time zones so the times you may need help will vary. You can find some great Orange, Samsung and vodafone pay monthly deals, perfect for a suitable smartphone for your business needs and with Phones 4 U, they make it easy to compare various phones to help make choosing easier.

Vodafone, O2 and Three win 4G, but auction falls £1.2bn short

O2, Vodafone and Three have all won slices of 4G spectrum, meaning networks other than EE can begin rolling out speedy data services this year.

This morning Ofcom confirmed that after more than 50 rounds of bidding, every major UK network has walked away from the now-concluded 4G auction with barrelfuls of bandwidth, including spectrum that was freed up in the TV digital switchover.

Vodafone was the biggest bidder, splashing out nearly £800m for a pair of 10MHz slices in the 800MHz band, as well as other bits of bandwidth that will enable it to offer faster mobile data to customers. BT was the lowest bidder, but managed to nab some bandwidth.

Although EE is already running a 4G network using 1,800MHz bandwidth it already owned, the operator -- which owns Orange and T-Mobile -- paid just shy of £600m to pick up even more spectrum.

It's hoped that more networks offering 4G will cause a price war that results in cheaper tariffs for phone buyers. Three has fired the first shot already, promising that it will roll its 4G network into existing coverage, without raising prices.

Meagre cash for Britain

Ofcom boss Ed Richards called the auction's result a "positive outcome for competition in the UK", but the amount of cash generated by bidding networks was substantially lower than expected, which is bad news for the UK.

The total cash generated was £2.34bn. That's nothing to sneeze at, but is well short of the £3.5bn the auction was expected to raise. Moreover, Chancellor George Osborne had already factored the expected sum into the nation's budget this year, making it appear that the UK's deficit would fall in 2013. That leaves the treasury £1.2bn short of its expected target. Take it away, Picard.

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Vodafone UK advising iPhone 4S owners against iOS 6.1 update

If you're a Vodafone customer in the UK and own an iPhone 4S, you've probably received an SMS message from the carrier cautioning you against updating your device to iOS 6.1. If you somehow missed the alert, consider this your heads up.

Vodafone issued the SMS, which advises customers to "hold off for the next version while Apple fixes 3G performance issues," amidst reports of call dropouts and other network-related problems by iPhone 4S owners who've already updated. The wording of the alert suggests that Vodafone expects Apple to address the issues in iOS 6.1.1, the first beta of which just went out to developers this week.

If you've already updated to 6.1, well, hopefully we'll get word of when you can expect 6.1.1. to hit soon.

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Vodafone says 4G is for 'technology freaks', amid cash woes

Vodafone has seen its revenues slip, though the red-hued network insists it isn't losing customers to speedy 4G services.

Revenue dipped 5.2 per cent in the last three months of 2012, The Guardian reports -- the biggest fall in over three years. The cash drop comes despite an increase in customer numbers however, as Vodafone's total number of UK subscribers climbed 230,000 to 19.5 million.

Vodafone itself blames the decline on customers hunting for bargains elsewhere, with company boss Vittorio Colao adamant that paying customers aren't flocking to 4G.

"I haven't got reports of customers flying away to 4G," the embattled CEO is quoted as saying, going on to declare, "The kind of people who are going for it are technology freaks."

That seems a little unfair to me, as I'm sure most smart phone owners would jump at the chance to boost their browsing and download speeds. If 4G is of limited interest for now, it's because EE -- as the only company to provide the fast new technology -- is charging through-the-roof rates for it.

That will change later this year however, once the ongoing 4G spectrum auction is concluded, and rival networks can kick off their own services. Three has the right idea, having already promised that 4G speeds will cost the same as current contracts.

Three is using 1,800MHz spectrum it's buying from EE to forge its 4G services. It's not clear whether operators like Vodafone or O2, which are bidding in the 4G auction, will be able to offer 4G without a bump in prices.

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Vodafone UK launches a full Windows Phone 8 roster on February 6th

Vodafone's British division has been shy to embrace Windows Phone much at all in recent months. There'll be no such reservation as of February 6th, when the carrier starts offering a wide array of Windows Phone 8 devices. HTC's Windows Phone 8X and 8S will ship in subdued colors, while the (partly expectedLumia 620820 and 920 will be available in livelier hues. We've yet to hear about pricing -- and there's no mention of Samsung's ATIV S, for completists -- but the launch remains good news for UK residents who want to try Microsoft's approach to smartphones without leaving the Red Dot network.

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Vodafone brings fiber optics to the Shard, gives you signal high above London

What good is a spectacular view if you can't use your phone to tell people about it? London's newly opened 95-story skyscraper, The Shard, measures 1,016 feet, making it the tallest building in the European Union. From the 69th and 72nd floors, you can get 360 degree views of the city, up to 40 miles out, according to the building's owners. But what happens when the 200 people who can fit on the platforms at any one time want to user their mobile devices? Vodafone'simplemented a fiber optic system that converts signal into light, allowing it to travel upwards at a rate of 100GB per second. Once they've hit the proper spots, its converted into a radio signal, which is then beamed to several antennas located on different floors.

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Vodafone's Nearly New program entices penny-pinchers with pre-owned smartphones

If you cherish saving coin and don't mind owning secondhand devices, Vodafone's Nearly New program is angling to hook you up with previously-loved smartphones. The UK firm's new effort takes handsets returned by users in "very good condition," repackages them with the appropriate accessories and doles them out at cheaper prices with pay-as-you-go or contract plans. According to Vodafone, the offering is particularly aimed at bringing pay-as-you-go users into the smartphone fold without breaking the bank. Available devices will vary each month based on return inventory, but the outfit already has iOS and Android choices on tap. Customers happy with off-contract service can choose between an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, with an 8GB flavor of the latter ringing up at £250. Folks who have their eye on a contract plan can pick between a Samsung Galaxy S III, which is free with a £33 subscription, or an HTC One X. On-contract Nearly New devices are already available online and in select stores, while commitment-free phones are up for grabs in-store and will find their way online next week.

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Vodafone and Visa announce mobile payments app for Android-toting Aussies

Sometime next year, Vodafone subscribers in Australia can expect to taste the sweet fruit of mobile payments, which comes thanks to the carrier's partnership with Visa. Computerworld Australia reports that Vodafone SmartPass is currently being tested on Android phones in the land down under, which relies on an NFC-enabled SIM card. It's also said that the carrier plans to introduce a Windows Phone app, although it has no intention of developing a solution for iOS, which is due to the iPhone's lack of NFC. While mobile payments still remains a mere pipe dream for many, it's said that Vodafone will eventually bundle the SmartPass app on all smartphones that support NFC. Unfortunately, the technology may remain cumbersome, as it'll require users to load currency into a prepaid account for use -- something Google has already kicked to the curb. If you'll recall, Vodafone first announced its initiative with Visa in February of this year, although at the time, it was said that only a few European counties would make the initial cut. To learn more about what Vodafone has in store for its Aussie constituency, feel free to hit up the source link.

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Samsung ATIV S for Vodafone UK goes up for pre-order at Phones4U with a December launch

Brits looking to score Samsung's ATIV S flagship on Vodafone can start forming an orderly queue. UK reseller Phones4U is offering pre-orders for the Windows Phone 8 darling to those willing to sign a two-year contract, giving it away for free on a £33 ($52) plan with 600 minutes, unlimited text, 500MB of cellular data and 2GB on WiFi. Pay a pound more per month ($54) as well as £30 for the device ($48) and the subscription jumps to both unlimited minutes as well as 2GB of cellular use. Unfortunately, the wait for this biggest-screened Windows Phone may be a long one -- while Samsung has only confirmed a December launch for the ATIV S in the UK, Phones4U has the smartphone reaching customers on December 21st. If that's accurate, we'd make sure there's some leftover wrapping paper in case the ATIV S becomes a gift, even if it's to yourself.

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Vodafone Red Hot launches today

Vodafone UK is today launching Vodafone Red Hot, its first plan designed to allow pay monthly customers to rent some of its hottest phones, changing them every year, without the need to make a large payment upfront. Building on the successful introduction of Vodafone Red, Vodafone Red Hot gives customers unlimited calls and texts, 2GB of internet and WiFi on a 12 month contract.
From £47 a month, Vodafone Red Hot is available on three handsets and includes insurance, a screen protector and a personalised phone case as standard.  At the end of 12 months customers can either choose to extend their contract, or swap the phone for a newer model.
The decision to offer customers the ability to rent a phone comes on the back of customer research that demonstrated that many people wanted to change their phones more regularly, but did not wish to make a large initial contribution at the start of their contract. Florie Brizel, Mobilologist and CEO of Los Angeles-based Brizel Media, explains further on our official blog, Vodafone Social http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/redhot/
Srini Gopalan, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said “We’ve been working incredibly hard to simplify the price plans we offer to customers. Vodafone Red Hot marks another way for customers to stay one step ahead of their friends, having the latest technology in their hands.  Coupled with unlimited calls, texts and a massive amount of internet, we think there will be many customers who will see this as a great choice.”

Vodafone Red Hot plan offers unlimited calls to all UK mobiles – not just other Vodafone customers – and standard UK landlines, with no restrictions on how long a customer can talk or how many people they call. Vodafone Red Hot will be available through Vodafone’s retail stores across the UK.

  • Rent a smartphone, with no upfront costs and change it every year
  • Talk and text as much as you want and get loads of internet with Vodafone Red Hot
  • Truly unlimited calls and texts available for the hottest handsets

For further information visit vodafone.co.uk/redhot

Vodafone UK making their '4G promise,' offering deals for early upgrades to 4G contracts

Despite not having a licence at present, or any firm plans for a 4G LTE network, UK carrier Vodafone has come out fighting with their "4G Promise." Rival carrier, EE, is set to launch the UK's first 4G LTE network within days. Eager not to lose out too much to the new service, Vodafone is offering some pretty impressive deals for customers who upgrade to their 4G network when it eventually arrives. 

The meat of the offer is pretty straight forward: 

So if you’ve bought an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII (purchased after October 26th 2012) or Galaxy Note II, simply bring it back to one of our stores. Even if you’re still in contract, we’ll knock off 70% of your remaining contract charges, letting you upgrade your phone early and start a fresh contract.

70% is a huge amount to reduce an outstanding contract fee by, and shows that Vodafone is keen to not only retain their current customers who may think about switching, but attract those who are unable to get EE 4G LTE at the services launch. The deal only applies when taking out a new 4G contract in the future, and for devices bought between September 12 2012 and March 31 2013.

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