iOS 6.1.1 fixes cellular issues with iPhone 4S

Apple has issued a 23 MB update for the iPhone that fixes an unknown cellular performance and reliability issue for iPhone 4S users. iOS 6.1.1 is available by checking for updates on your iPhone, updating via iTunes or via support download from Apple.

[Source: TUAW]

Vodafone UK advising iPhone 4S owners against iOS 6.1 update

If you're a Vodafone customer in the UK and own an iPhone 4S, you've probably received an SMS message from the carrier cautioning you against updating your device to iOS 6.1. If you somehow missed the alert, consider this your heads up.

Vodafone issued the SMS, which advises customers to "hold off for the next version while Apple fixes 3G performance issues," amidst reports of call dropouts and other network-related problems by iPhone 4S owners who've already updated. The wording of the alert suggests that Vodafone expects Apple to address the issues in iOS 6.1.1, the first beta of which just went out to developers this week.

If you've already updated to 6.1, well, hopefully we'll get word of when you can expect 6.1.1. to hit soon.

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iPhone 5, 4S are Apple's greenest phones yet

Apple says it makes the "the most environmentally responsible products in our industry," and an independent study has backed up this claim. iFixit and dissected 36 smartphones and analyzed their chemical composition using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The study graded the phones based on the presence of known hazardous chemicals like bromine, mercury and lead.

Over the years, Apple has steadily improved its products moving from a "high concern" rating for the original iPhone to a "low concern" rating for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. The iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4 are both in the "moderate concern" level, with the iPhone 4 (2.95) falling just under the 2.81 score of the "low concern" Samsung Evergreen.

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Oh Samsung Will You Ever Learn ?!

Searching the internetz the other day I turned up this video about the "Samsung Spider Laptop" from MiniPCPro on YouTube. This is a new laptop that you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to. About half way through the video, which you can watch below, we see a mouse that accompanies the laptop. Even the presenter comments that there ay be another lawsuit coming and they are right.

It doesn't just have a slight resemblence to the Magic Mouse from Apple. Instead, if you take a good look at the mouse, it really does look almost identical. After Apple being awarded $1 Billion in the last round, I thought that Samsung would be a bit more careful. I can see it now … internal document leak from engineers … "How can we make our mouse like the Magic Mouse, but improve on it, without seeming to have copied it?" … well you have managed to make a superb looking mouse, yes, but it is an IN YOUR FACE copy that will surely gain more than my attention.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

Detailed Photo and Video Comparison of iPhone 4S and 'iPhone 5' Front Panels

iPhone parts company ETrade Supply posts a detailed comparison [via] of the front panels of the iPhone 4S and what has been claimed to be the next-generation "iPhone 5". As with numerous other leaks, the new front panel shows a taller display and the FaceTime camera being moved to above the earpiece.

The blog post contains a number of images and a nearly 7-minute video comparing the two parts, showing that not only is the new part taller than the corresponding iPhone 4S part but it is also 0.1 mm thinner and offers more light transmittance and more scratch resistance than its counterpart.

ETrade Supply has also taken a close look at the home button region of the front panel, showing that the hole for the home button is 0.3 mm smaller in diameter than the hole on the iPhone 4S, while the margin between the bottom of the panel and the bottom of the display area is 2.6 mm shorter, allowing Apple to significantly increase the size of the iPhone's display while only slightly increasing the overall device height.

This is not the first time the alleged next-generation iPhone front panel has been caught on video, but this new video and photo comparison does offer the most detailed comparison between the part and the corresponding iPhone 4S part we have seen yet.

[Source: MacRumors]

How can I increase my productivity with a Smartphone?

With Angry Birds, Draw Something and countless other games at your finger tips, not to mention an opportunity to text, tweet and call your friends, you might think smartphones are nothing but a distraction. But why are so many companies so keen to shell out on sparkling new phones for their employees? 

The truth is there are as many uses for a Smartphone that increase your productivity. And, whether you are a student or a stockbroker, you can harness your phone’s multitude of functions to make your life easier. 

From Microsoft Office software to offline web readers, there are hundreds of apps you can download to help you through your day. With such a range available, you can customize your phone to provide a number of different functions that perfectly suit you. Many are free, and the others are very affordable, so it is not costly to try out a number of different options before settling on the best fit.

Working on the go
It is worth recognizing that the basic essentials of working on the go are just as vital to your productivity as the flashier stuff a Smartphone can do. The latest Samsung or iPhone deals with the basic essentials of working and staying in touch on the go in an intuitive manner. Calling, texting and emailing has never been easier, meaning we can all stay better connected and more responsive.

For most phone users, the biggest advance made by smartphones was in the quality of the mobile Internet browsing experience. But the iPhone does not just make it easier to go online on your phone. Thanks to tethering, user are able to access the Internet on your laptop while you are out of the range of, or unable to access other wireless connections. Now that your mobile and wireless dongle come in the same package you don’t have to worry about carrying another piece of technology around, and you can negotiate better data packages for your packages. Make sure you mention tethering when get your next iPhone deals.

As well as a basic phone, text and email functions, mobile phones have featured calendars and address books for donkey’s year. Smartphones have taken these to the next level with the ease with which they can be synchronised with other computers and devices. Late alterations to meetings and changes to clients’ email addresses can be made while you are away from your desk without leaving you out of the loop.

It all works together
While you might be able to find a range of products and software that can replicate all the different functions your Smartphone provides, a major advantage of having it all in one package is that everything is designed to work together. By combining your phone, emails, voice recorder, calendar and the many different apps you can download, you can minimise the frustrations that technology can unfortunately lead to, and the downtime that tech failures create.

Apple are the Smart Ones !

Something compelled me to write this article today… I shall tell you what it was… it was information overload coming out of Mobile World Congress and it made me smile. When I am touting an iPhone 4S people brand me as an Apple fanboy, put an Android based mobile phone in my hand and now I am a Google fanboy. What I have come to realise is that I can happily sit on the fence just enjoying my technology… watching in as everyone goes into a mad frenzy about the latest tech. For the most part I am very quiet and that is what made me smile.

Time after time, Apple play this same strategy, they are cunningly quiet. They do it around the time of the Consumer Electronics Show, Mac World and of course Mobile World Congress. Never do they rush to market with something, they just quietly watch on, making digital notes (on their iPad 3), ticking the relevant boxes that ensure they remain one step ahead.

We have just been treated to details of Quad Core mobile phones, alongside new tablet devices, from all the manufacturers. You can bet against me if you wish, but Apple have already got their iPad 3 and iPhone 5 ready in the wings, they just watch on and tweak almost ready designs, so that when they launch it beats all these new devices AGAIN. They are the smart ones… that is what keeps them at the top of their game.

iPhone 4S Queue Day 5

As the days move forward the guys are still staying strong in the Queue outside the Regent Street Apple Store. Only a couple of days left and the reward will be in their hands. It seems that the queue (at time of posting) is now six strong. Show my buddies some love when you are passing by.

iPhone 4S Queue Update #2 (night time)

As the night draws closer, it looks like my two buddies Craig & Dan are in for a wet night. Hopefully the warm glow from the Apple Store windows will keep their spirits up.

I personally find it amazing that Craig & Dan are enduring a long long wait to get their hands on this exciting device. I wonder what Siri would say if they had it now. "Siri we are queueing up all week to buy the iPhone 4S, what do you think of that?"

Siri… 1.You are mad. 2.You are truly dedicated. or simply 3.The weather will be wet and windy in London.

Apple iPhone 4S Pre-order First Batch Sells Out

The new Apple iPhone 4S went on sale today at around 8:40am in the UK. People raced to get their orders in early and the process seemed to go extremely well. My own personal order took literally twenty seconds. It seem that now the first batch of stock for delivery on and around the 14th October has now sold out. Apple's online store is now quoting a dispatch time of 1-2 weeks.

On another note, I have published a video on this link, detailing the UK & US pricing and some important links that might save you some money on your mobile phone purchases. Cashback might not apply to all orders, but save those links under the video for future use too.

Apple Store UK
Apple Edu Store UK
Vodafone coming
Vodafone Business
T-Mobile UK
T-Mobile UK Business

Apple iPhone 4S UK Pricing

Apple revealed the iPhone 4S yesterday, but they did not tell us the UK pricing for various capacities. However, they did put the prices in their iOS app. See the picture below for what the new 4S is going to cost you.