MSI launches the 27-inch Wind Top AE2712 all-in-one brandishing Windows 8, military specs

The Windows 8 all-in-one arena is already pretty crowded, but if MSI's new model had to fight it out with the rest battle-bot style, then it might just come out on top. That's because the Wind Top AE2712 comes with MSI's usual military class components, alongside a brutish 27-inch 1080p display with ten-finger touch, Core i3 or i5 processors and optional NVIDIA GeForce GT630M graphics (on the 'G' model). Also included is the company's Smart Media cloud that lets you share data with DNLA-enabled TVs and mobile devices. The PC's already popped up on Amazon UK with a £830 sticker and November 9th ship date, so if you need an AIO tough enough to withstand, say, an all-out rugrat assault, check out the source link.

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BBC launches iPlayer Radio: a separate radio-only mobile app and web UI

No one can accuse the BBC of neglecting radio in its quest for streaming nirvana -- not when the number of radio listeners on iPlayer has shot up 56 percent in a year (and 300 percent on tablets). Nevertheless, from tomorrow morning, iPhone users will find a brand new way to listen to their favorite content: a dedicated radio app with a spinning dial which -- compared to the regular iPlayer app -- will put much greater emphasis on live shows rather than catch-up. There'll also be mobile-friendly features like an alarm clock which will wake you up to your choice of show, reminders for shows you just can't miss, and the ability to identify current and recently-played songs at a glance. The app will reach Android too, as soon as some Flash-related difficulties have been ironed out, and its alarm function will benefit from slightly better multi-tasking on Google's OS, so you won't have to leave the app open before you fall asleep. If you don't want to wait or if you're outside the UK, check out the desktop iPlayer at the source link, or the gallery below, and you'll see just what the Corporation's philosophy about treating radio differently -- rather than as "TV minus video" -- actually looks like.

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Strontium launches HAWK SSDs


Strontium Technology has announced a new series of high-performance solid state drives (SSDs) named HAWK. These Hynix-built solid state drives with Strontium branding are based on SandForce’s SF2281 controller and SK Hynix Flash. These drives are said to be a good upgrade option featuring 500MB/s of read and write performance and also claim to offer faster performance for PCs and Macs. Needless to say, SSDs feature enhanced durability, shock-proof, silent operation and are more reliable as compared to traditional hard drives.

The 2.5-inch HAWK drive is available in 120GB and 240GB storage capacities. The sequential (256KB, MAX) read speed is 510MB/s and write speed is 470MB/s. The random (4KB, MAX) performance is 50,000 IOPS read and 38,000 IOPS write. It comes with support for SATA I/ II/ III interface, TRIM Support (O/S support required) and has a Mean Time between Failures (MBTF) of 1.2M. Strontium HAWK SSD has been designed to offer quicker boot up and shorter lead time in the loading of applications to enhance productivity.


• 2.5” Drive

• SandForce SF-2281

• MLC NAND Flash for Fast Performance

• Available Capacities: 120GB and 240GB

• Sequential Performance (256KB, MAX): Read: 510 MB/s, Write: 470 MB/s

• Random Performance (4KB, MAX): Read: 50,000 IOPS, Write: 38,000 IOPS

• Supports SATA I/ II/ III Interface

• TRIM Support (O/S Support Required)

• Power Consumption: 0.82W (Active), 0.26W (Idle)

• Mean Time between Failures (MBTF): 1.2M

• 3 years hassle-free Strontium Limited Warranty

Syfy for iPad app adds Sync feature, second screen content launches Tuesday with Face Off

We're still not sure about the Sci Fi / Syfy Network name switch, but whatever you call it the network is the latest to jump on the trend of second screen features. Currently available on the latest version of its iPad app (and listed as "coming soon" for Android tablets on the official page an in the demo video embedded after the break), Syfy Sync will work with certain shows to pull up interactive content on your mobile device along with whatever is playing on TV. The first show to get the treatment is the season premiere of Face Off airing August 21st. Naturally, there's a social media element as well, with sharing to Facebook and Twitter, as well as integrated GetGlue check-ins. Whether or not you dig the second screen aspects or are just waiting for some better shows to come on, there are other upgrades with a new UI as, show related photo galleries and support for AirPlay to play the app's video clips on your TV. Syfy for iPad 2.0 with sync is available for free in iTunes, we'll let you know when the Android version is upgraded and if similar features head to any other mobile platforms soon.

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Logitech launches TV Cam HD for living room video chats: built-in Skype, 720p, $200

If Cisco's ill-fated Umi video conferencing system had been more like this, would it have survived? Logitech is about to find out, one way or the other, once its TV Cam HD -- recently spotted at the FCC -- arrives in the US this month. The $199.99 device hooks up to your TV and contains all the processing power needed to run Skype and transmit wide-angle, 720p footage of your couch over WiFi or Ethernet. Unlike the previous TV Cam, there's no need for a Viera Connect HDTV -- anything with HDMI-in will do. The company is banking on the notion that families will forgo the use of their existing mobile devices and laptops in favour of an always-on dedicated system with incoming call alerts, four noise-cancelling mics and a Carl Zeiss lens that "gets the whole family in the video call, so everyone from grandparents to grandchildren can move around naturally." If you're tempted, the publicity video after the break gives a decent overview of the product in action.

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O2 launches value Pay & Go Pocket Hotspot to create “Wifi in your Pocket”

O2 has entered the Mobile Wifi arena with O2 Pocket Hotspot , a new pocket-sized device and tariff that will enable anyone to get a “Wifi hotspot in their pocket”. The new service launches on 2 August 2012.

The new device enables up to five devices to connect simultaneously, sharing mobile internet access. The device is the perfect partner for a growing number of Wifi-enabled mobile devices that consumers increasingly want to be able to use on the move – including tablets, games consoles and cameras, as well as conventional laptop users. It will mean customers can use all their internet-connected devices on the move.

The new device will come with two Pay & Go data options: a daily top-up and 1GB or 2GB bundles (both of which have a 30 day term). Offering a Pay & Go mobile Wifi solution means that O2 Pocket Hotspot customers can get some of the most competitive rates available for mobile internet access without having to sign up to 12 month (or longer) contracts.

Gary Booker, GM Consumer at O2 says of the launch:

“We saw a big gap in the market for a Mobile Wifi package that offered lower start-up costs and competitive data. 

“Customers have told us that they want access to the web on the go, but that they don’t always want to sign up for year-long contracts or to buy lots of data from the outset. O2 Hotspot has been designed to cater for exactly those needs: lowering up-front costs and offering customers lots of options when it comes to the amount of data they buy – what they need, when they need it.”

Starter package costs: O2 Pocket Hotspot

Device Cost

Starter Data

Data Cost

Total Cost


Pay daily (200MB/day)




1 GB (lasts 30 days)




2 GB (lasts 30 days)




Ongoing cost: O2 Pocket Hotspot Pay and Go data




1 GB


30 days

2 GB


30 days

O2 Pocket Hotspot offers 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity and maximum download speeds of 21.6 Mbps and upload at 5.76 Mbps.

 Gary Booker added:

“There are growing numbers of consumers wanting to be able to use the devices they get internet access on at home while they’re on the move.

“Whether tablet users who want access to the web, gamers who want to carry on playing wirelessly while they’re on the move or business customers who are fed up with slow connections on trains or hunting down the nearest WiFi point, O2 Hotspot is the ideal solution.

“Because you can connect up to five devices at once, we also think that this product will appeal to students who want a fast connection but don’t have a telephone line for home broadband or even those who want internet access out of the range of their home router – in the garden for example.”

To find out more, visit:

Glopho launches the world’s first social network for news photos

Today sees the launch of Glopho, a unique online photo-sharing service designed specifically to allow anyone to “make the news” with the pictures they take. Now the millions of people with a camera in their pocket, budding amateur photographers or seasoned professionals can all share the moments they capture and the crowd can decide what is news.
The riots, the Royal procession or the dog on a skateboard; any photo can be easily and immediately shared via the Glopho website and mobile apps and then onwards through Facebook, Twitter or other social channels. Glopho is completely free to use and takes ‘citizen photo-journalism’ to new levels by introducing unique crowd-sourcing and news curation elements to photo-sharing.
Glopho is complementary to existing social networks.  It allows everyone to easily share the pictures they take not just with their friends and family, but with the wider world.  Users can follow their favourite photographers and their friends to see all the news they share, every day.
The Glopho website shows photos in a rolling format in simple category windows - Reality, Locality and Celebrity – alongside the Users’ Choice, Editor’s Choice and Latest images.  Pictures carry the photographer’s own description to explain the ‘what, where and when’ and can be tagged to make them easy to find.  Users can personalise their homepage to show their own photos and those of their friends, as well as the other photographers they follow.
Glopho apps are available in both iPhone and Android versions to make it even easier for people to post their pictures and enjoy looking at Glopho while on the go. Those using digital cameras rather than smartphones can upload their pictures via their computer or laptop.
Founder and CEO of Glopho, Simon Walker, said:
I have believed for some time that we are all now news photographers and just need an easy and effective way to share with the outside world the pictures we take each day. News is happening all around us and, more than ever, we are well-equipped to capture those moments digitally.  The explosion of social media has also given us, both as individuals and collectively, a bigger voice than ever.  Glopho harnesses these phenomena and provides the perfect space to share what we witness and decide together what we call news.”              
Glopho is the brainchild of award-winning photojournalist and picture editor Simon Walker, now founder and CEO of Glopho.  The idea and the business he has created has been developed over the last two years. Thorough Beta testing has allowed iterative development and the creation of the current proposition which is launched fully to the public today. Further developments including new features and improved app usability are scheduled to be released over the next 2 months, with releases planned for every 2-3 weeks.
Glopho’s revenue model will see it earning money in two ways.  Firstly, from advertisers paying to launch their own ‘premium galleries’, allowing them to get greater value from increasingly content-led social marketing strategies.  Secondly, Glopho will take a share of the fees earned by photographers when pictures are sold to news and other outlets wanting to use any images from the site.
In its recent first round of funding, Glopho closed an SEIS-eligible round of £150k, corner-stoned by a London Business Angels Network syndicate, and joined by a number of other experienced private investors.
Glopho is run by a top flight management team of experienced senior professionals including founder Simon Walker (CEO), Erik Wenngren (Chairman), James Serjeant (CFO), Richard Ireland (CMO) and Karl Knoflach (CTO).