Sky swamped with complaints after Yahoo email switch

Sky customers have been complaining in their droves after being deluged with thousands of irrelevant messages after the company switched email providers.

Sky switched from Google to Yahoo, but it's been far from a smooth transition, the BBC reports. Sky customers have been receiving old and deleted messages again and again, meaning hours of wasted time clearing out inboxes. Now Sky has offered a solution, but you're not going to like it.

Sky promised to have a fix sorted by 5pm yesterday, but it missed that deadline. It has posted astep-by-step guide to fixing your inbox, but it basically consists of 'delete any emails you don't want'. Which is exactly what many customers have been doing, and what had them up in arms in the first place.

Over on the support forums, one customer complained of having to sift through 17,000 unwanted emails. Others are also grumbling about not being able to send email, aliases being deleted, filters being reset, and Outlook just plain not working since the switch. Some say they can't even access their email accounts through a browser or on their mobiles, which will impact business and well as personal use.

I think the entry under "Everyone's Tags" at the bottom of this page sums up customer feeling on the matter.

Sky, which has more than 4 million broadband customers, says the problem occurred during migration of all email addresses to Yahoo's servers. As soon as the servers synchronise, the issue should be solved, according to Sky. Though there's no word on when that will be.

Shame it's not as confident as it was the other week about possible network strain.

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Sky refreshes mobile app, lets you remotely download on-demand content to your Sky Box

Sky is ensuring that you'll have some TV to binge on once all of that turkey's been polished off. It's updated the Sky+ app to include on-demand listings, letting you set programs to download to your Sky Box remotely. That way, if you're trapped upstairs, you can tee-up a half-day's worth of Game Of Thrones to make leaving the TV room worth your while. That said, if you just want to watch the shows while you're pretending to shoot the breeze with your relatives, there's always Sky Go.

Update: Sky has added that remote downloading only currently works while at home (presumably on the same network), but it's planning to add a roaming functionality at a later date.

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Livescribe outs Sky WiFi Smartpen for $170, lets you record written notes and audio straight to Evernote

The Pulse pen couldn't do it. The more recent Echo couldn't manage it either. But sending notes and linked audio wirelessly is what Livescribe's latest digital pen is all about. Branded the Sky WiFi Smartpen, it works with proprietary physical notebooks to preserve your handwritten notes and linked audio files on a minimum of 2GB of onboard storage, and then it sends them directly to your Evernote account via WiFi -- from where you can access them on pretty much any PC, tablet or smartphone. If you're wondering a how the pen selects the right network and enters a password, then it's actually pretty straightforward: Livescribe's new stationery is printed with connection buttons that, in conjunction with the OLED display on the pen itself, guide you through the procedure in a few seconds. The latest notebooks also have buttons for sending your captured thoughts to Google Drive, Dropbox and Facebook, although those services won't be activated until early next year.

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Netflix nabs a million UK subscribers, promises to 'invest heavily' to outbid Sky

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has threatened a bidding war with UK Broadcaster BSkyB for premium movie rights, and he could have the war chest to back it up -- the company also hit the million subscriber mark in the UK only seven months after launching there. Netflix UK boasted that it even got there faster than Twitter or Facebook did globally, and chalked up the success to most British households having at least one household streaming device. Meanwhile, Hastings said the US company intends to pry premium Hollywood movie rights away from BSkyB, promising to be "really aggressive in our bidding." The streaming service will have to overcome more than money, however -- the UK's Competition Commission granted BSkyB a rights extension to protect it from the very likes of Netflix.

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Sky Sports TV app for Android now available, brings live events to the UK and Ireland

Not to be outdone by The Worldwide Leader in Sports, Sky's just released its own application to keep football enthusiasts entertained while on the go -- at least Premier League fans using Android slabs. Unlike the ESPN app, however, Sky Sports is charging £5 (around $8) per month for its offering, though it will -- with the help of ESPN, no less -- stream over 100 EPL matches live, so you're not limited to only highlights and previews. That being said, Sky Sports TV also lets UK and Ireland folks watch other sporting events, including F1 races, PGA Golf and tennis events like the US Open. The bad news is the app currently doesn't support Jelly Bean-loaded devices, which, for now, will most likely only affect atiny section of Mountain View's user base -- if that's not you, though, the link to download is down below.

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Sky Movies on YouView as Now TV arrives with 30 days free

Cut-price dish-free Sky channels are now available on YouView -- for free. You can watch Sky's online service Now TV on your YouView set-top box, bringing Sky Movies to your goggle box without coughing up for a Sky subscription.

Now TV is free for the first month -- so that's 30 days of movies from Sky's film channels, long before they reach other TV channels or online services.

With Now TV, you can watch Sky programmes on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and selected Android smart phones -- not the Samsung Galaxy S3 or any Ice Cream Sandwich phones, though. You can currently watch Sky Movies from Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Universal and more, on demand or as part of a £15 monthly contract. Classic films cost 99p to rent and newer releases are £3.50.

Sky Sports is set to follow shortly for Premier League, Test cricket, and Formula One action.

When you sign up to Now TV, you can watch on two devices, such as your YouView box and a phone or tablet. I can understand why the folks at Sky would limit the number of devices -- they don't want you logging in on your friends' phones for free films all round -- but two is a bit tight. If you own a TV, a computer and a phone, you're stuck, let alone if you have a tablet or a laptop as well.

[Source: cnet]

Sky announces iPad remote control functionality, due later this summer in Sky+ app

Sky is announcing a number of changes to its Sky Go, Sky+, and Sky Anytime UK TV services today. Perhaps the biggest change is a promised Sky+ mobile app update for iOS. Due later this summer, the update will allow Sky customers to use their iPad as a remote control to pause and rewind TV by swiping within the iPad app. Sky HD users will also be able to view the planner feature within the iPad app and delete or add shows to the recording list. The update looks like it will arrive ahead of rival TV provider Virgin Media's own iPad offering — set for release in September.

Sky is also planning to add eight live kid's channels to its Sky Go application next month, boosting its offering to 32 live channels on its smartphone, PC, Mac, and iPad apps. Alongside the Sky Go updates, the company's Anytime service will include Channel 5 catch-up programs later this year — an addition that will help it compete with the broader catch-up services offered on Virgin Media's range of set top boxes.

[Source: The Verge]