How can I increase my productivity with a Smartphone?

With Angry Birds, Draw Something and countless other games at your finger tips, not to mention an opportunity to text, tweet and call your friends, you might think smartphones are nothing but a distraction. But why are so many companies so keen to shell out on sparkling new phones for their employees? 

The truth is there are as many uses for a Smartphone that increase your productivity. And, whether you are a student or a stockbroker, you can harness your phone’s multitude of functions to make your life easier. 

From Microsoft Office software to offline web readers, there are hundreds of apps you can download to help you through your day. With such a range available, you can customize your phone to provide a number of different functions that perfectly suit you. Many are free, and the others are very affordable, so it is not costly to try out a number of different options before settling on the best fit.

Working on the go
It is worth recognizing that the basic essentials of working on the go are just as vital to your productivity as the flashier stuff a Smartphone can do. The latest Samsung or iPhone deals with the basic essentials of working and staying in touch on the go in an intuitive manner. Calling, texting and emailing has never been easier, meaning we can all stay better connected and more responsive.

For most phone users, the biggest advance made by smartphones was in the quality of the mobile Internet browsing experience. But the iPhone does not just make it easier to go online on your phone. Thanks to tethering, user are able to access the Internet on your laptop while you are out of the range of, or unable to access other wireless connections. Now that your mobile and wireless dongle come in the same package you don’t have to worry about carrying another piece of technology around, and you can negotiate better data packages for your packages. Make sure you mention tethering when get your next iPhone deals.

As well as a basic phone, text and email functions, mobile phones have featured calendars and address books for donkey’s year. Smartphones have taken these to the next level with the ease with which they can be synchronised with other computers and devices. Late alterations to meetings and changes to clients’ email addresses can be made while you are away from your desk without leaving you out of the loop.

It all works together
While you might be able to find a range of products and software that can replicate all the different functions your Smartphone provides, a major advantage of having it all in one package is that everything is designed to work together. By combining your phone, emails, voice recorder, calendar and the many different apps you can download, you can minimise the frustrations that technology can unfortunately lead to, and the downtime that tech failures create.