NewMediaCreator Launch - helping creators

It gives me great pleasure to share details with you about the NewMediaCreator launch. Everything you need to know is in the video below.

For a long time now, I have been sharing my experience with technology on the Geekanoids Channel. Nothing will change there. However, over those years you (and myself) have had to research products and buy them from companies in the hope that they deliver on their promises. 

Rather than being a box-shifter with 100's of lines, NewMediaCreator features only hand-picked products that I have actually used.

"Here at NewMediaCreator we have hand-picked a selection of products that either meet or exceed our expectations. They will enhance your productions, either in audio or visual quality or in the way they make your workflow easier. We don't believe in struggling or just managing, instead the tools we use should disappear into the background allowing us to focus on our creativity."

I am so excited to share this all with you. Geekanoids is an open community, so if you ever have any feedback or suggestions for new products just get in touch.

Vine now lets you embed your 6-second clips on Websites

Viners rejoice -- you can now embed your 6-second mini-movie masterpieces on Websites. The Twitter-owned service has just added the functionality, itannounced in a blog post.

If you want to give your movies a home on a site, you'll just have to enter some simple code. You can choose from three sizes: 320px, 480px, or 600px. Choosing the "simple" option will embed just the video, while the "postcard" one will retain the clip's original format, complete with text description and location.

Or you can embed your clip using the iOS app, which has just been updated to include the feature. Tap the ellipses in the bottom-right corner, then "Share this post", then "Embed". It might not work on all sites though, so best check before you start shouting about it too much.

Head to our US cousins' site and you'll see our very own Ken German's brief retrospective of old mobile phones. It's like a sped-up shuffle down memory lane.

Vine launched a couple of months ago, but is still only for iOS. Hopefully us Android users will get a version soon. It's been a massive hit though, with 6-second clips springing up everywhere. The new Wolverine film even had its very own trailer on the service. At least it didn't give away the whole story, like a lot of trailers.

If you fancy seeing what people are making vids of, a site called Vinepeek will give you a glimpse. It's pretty addictive viewing, though I don't want to be held responsible if anyone posts anything not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised, as they used to say at the start ofWorld's Scariest Police Chases.

[Source: CNET] world's 8th most popular website in new ComScore ranking

For 2012, Apple's website was ranked as the world's 11th most popular. However, that ranking did not take mobile access into account -- just desktop access. Now web analytics firm ComScore has added mobile visitors and viewers to their count, pushing Apple up to the number 8 spot on the MMX Multi-Platform Top 50 Properties list.

The first five sites on the list are not surprising, with Google sites taking the lead followed by Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. Sites run by TUAW parent company AOL are in the 6th spot, followed by Glam Media and finally Apple. Rounding out the top 10 are Wikimedia sites and CBS Interactive.

Apple's total "digital population" on the ComScore list is counted as 115,920,000 unique visitors/viewers, about half that of list leader Google's count. Not surprisingly, Apple's mobile audience viewed as an incremental percentage to the desktop numbers was 54 percent, indicating a strong mobile presence on the web.

[Source: TUAW]

Legal Website shows Great Design

Having an accident is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The amount of repercussions that can escalate from being in one is quite an eye opener. It's a good job that there are people out there that can help you.
Having somebody to fight for your side helps a lot, especially a good solicitor. Irwin Mitchell have been around since 1912 and they are one of the largest law firms in the UK with over 140 partners and over 900 associates, consultants, senior advisors and other fee earners. They have years of experience in whiplash claims so they can guide you through the process step-by-step using plain English. One are that they specialise in can help you get Road Accident Compensation.
Whiplash injuries often respond well to physiotherapy and medical treatment. Irwin Mitchell can help you get access to financial compensation, but they can also get you access to the medical help that you require.
Their website contains a lot of information that will certainly answer any questions that you have about them. You will be sure to find an answer easily due to the clean layout of the site. It is organised into Personal & Business service sections, along with details of the main specialist that work for them and of course their office locations. The top menu system used is equally impressive, giving you access to information on all of the services the offer. Each of the service categories contain a wealth of extra information, which goes a long way to give the potential client a good insight before even picking up the phone to make that call.
What do you think about this topic? Have you ever been in an accident? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments below!

Google I/O Website Filled With Easter Egg Goodies

Head on over to the Google I/O website, do some prodding, click on the ‘I’ or ‘O’ and see what happens. First you will hear “I” “O”, but if you code things just right, you can unlock a whole lot of easter egg fun. There’s an ASCII visualization of I/O, a dash of bowling, hot dogs, hamburgers, kitty cats, some bacon and eggs, and even a game of Simon. Not bad for a bunch of boring developers.

Quite frankly there are a lot of outputs. Some users have posted their discoveries:


Give it a shot and see what you get, post below if we’ve missed any.  Also if you dont like all the clicking action, your keyboard’s “i” “o”, or “1″ “0″ will suffice.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]

Harlem Shake easter egg shows up on YouTube, shakes vids

Doesn't look like this Harlem Shake craze is going away any time soon. Always one to piggyback off the zeitgeist, Google has dropped its own Harlem Shake easter egg into YouTube -- head there, search for "Do The Harlem Shake" and listen to that infamous song start up.

Nothing much will happen right away, apart from the YouTube logo in the top left corner will start to shimmy. But as soon as the song gets going, the action begins…

All the screengrabs and corresponding text get shaken up as the key part of the song kicks in. And in true Harlem Shake style, they all do their own thing, with some throbbing, some shaking side to side, and the sidebar leaping up and down like an excited Jack Russell.

It worked perfectly in Chrome -- which is Google's own browser, so is hardly surprising -- but when I tried it in Safari I got only a taste of the full experience. The videos shook once, then stayed still until the end of the song. Which isn't much of a Harlem Shake. It could be something to do with Apple blocking older versions of Flash from Safari.

Google is fond of the odd easter egg. As well as its Google doodles, which regularly adorn its search engine home page, it occasionally drops in nuggets like this to its services like YouTube. "Do a barrel roll" is one that springs to mind -- type it into Google, and see what happens. (Fans of Star Fox 64 will know what I'm on about.) And then there was "Let it snow" a couple of Christmases ago, which did just that, sprinkling flakes down the screen like on a crisp winter's morn.

[Source: CNET]

YouTube brings its guide feature to all devices, provides easier access to subscribed content

The folks working at YouTube are quite the busy little bees, updating apps, adding content and refreshing the site's look. Today, the site's rolling out its guide feature through and every YouTube app there is. The video site first introduced the guide last year on its web portal, allowing folks an easy way to keep track of new videos on their subscribed channels. Now, Android, iPhone, PS3, Google TV and other YouTube apps are getting the feature, plus the website's getting a fresh new look as well. You can get a better look at the new page layout after the break, and there's more info about the changes at the source below.

 [Source: Engadget]

Google redesigns search to make space for more info, kick the sidebar to the curb

Google loves to tweak its search results whether or not it's something we'd ever notice. Even the most casual of visitors might notice its latest change, though. The Mountain View crew has dropped the sidebar on the desktop in favor of moving everything to drop-down menus up above. It's ostensibly a reflection of the company's tweaks to its mobile page that should scale elegantly through different screen sizes, although a key goal is to fit in richer results: images, the Knowledge Graph and more all have extra room to breathe with the update. Americans tracking down election results will be the first to see the extra-wide view, and they should be followed by everyone else as soon as Google can flick the switch. We'll be content enough knowing that the company isn't spreading sidebars everywhere.

[Source: Engadget]

Yelp's new picture-heavy menus give you a better look at that Baby Back Rib Tickler

Needless to say, we're all well aware of Yelp's popularity amongst people who love a thing or two about visiting restaurants and, in turn, eating some good ol' food. And while the service could be considered relatively great as is, it never hurts to see a few new features added here and there -- especially one as useful as the new "Explore the Menu," which is made possible by everyday users like yourself. The newfangled menu system will allow folks to upload pictures of any grub item they've tried at frequented restaurants, making it easier for future goers to have a slight idea of what to expect should they be interested in trying a particular dish from one of the many places listed within Yelp. The novel menu pages will be rolling out to business pages today in the US, with Yelp noting that this will be the "first time ever" it's simultaneously launching a fresh service across its OG site, mobile website and applications.

[Source: Engadget]